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IS THIS NORMAL?: Help! My Child St-st-stutters

~February 9th, 2011

Question: I just watched the movie “The King’s Speech” and, like in the movie, my four-year-old daughter stutters a lot, especially when someone asks her a question. Is this normal?
Tara Says: Praise to “The King’s Speech” for depicting the struggles associated with stuttering as well as a realistic view about how this disorder can be positively [...]

IS THIS NORMAL? My Son Can’t Adjust to Post-Holiday Back-to-School

~January 14th, 2011

Q: After the Holiday Break My Son Seems To Be Unable To Get Back In “School Mode.” Is this normal?
TARA’S ANSWER: Breaks from the routine of school or work are essential to helping regroup. The key to regrouping is downtime that allows for play using both the brain and the body.  The hope for these [...]

IS THIS NORMAL? My Shy Child Hates the Holidays

~December 17th, 2010

Q:  When we visit our family during the holidays my daughter cries a lot, retreats to her room, even turns away when a grandparent or favorite aunt or uncle tries to hug or kiss her. My child becomes so painfully shy that her behavior is practically rude. Is this normal?
TARA: The holiday season is very [...]

Tara Delaney Intro – Blogging, What a Concept!

~August 6th, 2009

Blogging: What a concept. The idea of posting your thoughts or events of that day for the world to view, or even that the world would care, seems bold in a teenage way, but after writing two books and doing quite a bit of public speaking, I get blogging—in an adult way. I suppose [...]

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