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Making Sense-ory® Out Of Social Intelligence

Event Date: 2010-05-07 City, State: South San Francisco, CA « Back to Event Calender
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The purpose of the Social Intelligence seminar is to define social intelligence identifying both its components and development. The program will enable participants to understand the impact of social intelligence on the future success of their students. This program will look specifically at how sensory processing and communication (pragmatic language) set the stage for social intelligence. You will be introduced to a new model of development (The Brain Library®) as a way of understanding how the nervous system relies on basic sensory foundations for more complex skills. (such as extracting meaning from a social situation or screening out extraneous input allowing students to concentrate and exchange appropriately.) You will understand the latest brain research and how scientific views of social intelligence have evolved because of more sophisticated measures of examining brain activity. Literature that supports the concept that social intelligence can be taught within a fertile environment will be examined. You will be able to relay to others the basics of sensory integration theory, a concrete definition of each sensory system and how sensory processing directly impacts social success. Current Social Language Tests and Inventories will be discussed. An overview of social intelligence and its impact on a variety of developmental disorders will be addressed.

Furthermore you will gain knowledge of how to use sensory strategies to aid children for increased success academically and socially and you will be able to recognize early signs of children who struggle with, and ideas to promote, social intelligence. This information is timely and crucial as more and more children are struggling socially resulting in emotional and academic issues. This course will provide professionals and caregivers with tools to help these children.

Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Professional Counselors, Psychologists, Educators, Paraprofessionals and families will understand and learn to recognize the underlying components of social intelligence and strategies to help these children.

Each participant will receive written materials prepared by Tara Delaney and Mary Hamrick.

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