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Making Sense-ory® Out of Behavior

Event Date: 2010-05-27 City, State: Bowie, MD « Back to Event Calender
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The purpose of this seminar is to enable participants to understand the link
between sensory processing and behavior. You will have tools to help you
differentiate behaviors that have a sensory component from those that are
learned. You will be introduced to a new model that describes how early
sensory-motor skills lay the foundation for higher level skills such as adaptive
behavior. You will be able to convey a basic definition of sensory integration as
well as a description of all the sensory systems and how they work. You will be
able to recognize early physiological signs of escalating behavior. In addition
other causes of behavior issues such as environment and communication will
be explored. You will also leave equipped with specific sensory strategies.
Participants will have the opportunity to learn how to create behavioral flow
charts and simple behavior support plans that incorporate sensory strategies.

Understanding the underlying causes of behavior is important because
behavioral challenges can impede a child academically as well as socially. The
participants will be able to apply this knowledge to implement strategies both
in the classroom and at home which enable children to overcome roadblocks
to success. This information will benefit professionals working in both private
practice and the school setting. Educators, counselors, speech pathologists,
occupational & physical therapists, psychologists and parents will benefit from
having a new lens in which to view children's behaviors and help them reach
their highest potential.

Each participant will receive written materials prepared by Tara Delaney

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