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Sensory Processing and ASD: Making Sense-ory® Out of Autism

Event Date: 2013-03-22 City, State: New Providence, NJ « Back to Event Calender
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This inservice will provide information on the underlying impact of sensory processing difficulties for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  A new model of development (The Brain Library®) will be presented to show how the nervous system relies on basic sensory foundations for more complex skills.  Early signs of sensory processing difficulties that may be linked to autism will be more recognizable.  The latest brain research supports using sensory integration theory as a lens for viewing specific behavioral, learning and social challenges.  In addition, sensory strategies to aid students with autism for increased success academically and socially will be shared.  This inservice will feature the tools needed to help students with autism work through the sensory related difficulties. Participants will gain knowledge and skills in: 1.       understanding how early sensory-motor experiences are stored in the brain;2.       learning the latest brain research on autism spectrum disorders;3.       summarizing how underlying sensory processing difficulties impact learning, behavior and social skills;4.       assessing how sensory processing, environmental and communication issues influence learning and behavior.  Note:  Registrations must be received by March 8, 2013. All inservices are held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. unless otherwise noted
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